Who I Am

Hey there, I’m Noah. I write about everything to do with sports on this blog. But what do I know? Let’s find out.

I’m an 18-year-old kid from the land down under, Australia. And although 18 years isn’t many, I’ve managed to cram a lot of sports in that time. As a massive passion of mine, this blog is a creative outlet for my interests. I’ll begin the list of what I’ve been using this energy for so far…

My life story isn’t very long, so how about I talk about something else?

My Sports Resumé, What Do I Know?


My favourite sport of them all!

Where do I begin !?! Tennis has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. I started playing 13 years ago, and have had a hit of tennis every single week since. When I started, I was lucky enough to meet my coach, who I still train with to this very day. I love everything about tennis, the focus needed, the balance between agility and strength, the strategy involved, I could go on forever. Sports like tennis build character like no other because at the end of the day, it’s you and you alone that decides whether you win or lose. Here in Australia, Tennis is a relatively inexpensive and accessible sport, and it’s awesome to see so many people get involved. When I was 12 I began playing state tournaments against others in my age group. Seeing how good some of my peers where really inspired me to get better at what I do. I trained 3 or four times a week, meaning I was playing tennis five times a week, and I loved every second of it. Dean was super important in pushing me to do better, every shot I took he would give me feedback. Every single time. And his pupils from overseas were always awesome to play with, seeing the future of tennis and being able to have a casual hit with them was so special. Dean, being Ian Barclay’s son, had so many things to give that only few can when it comes to insights on tennis. I even got to meet Pat Cash, and be trained by him!


Just as tennis has been a cornerstone of my life, badminton has held its own special charm. While I may not have dedicated as many hours to it, given my intense commitment to tennis, the allure of badminton has always been undeniable. On the rare weekends when I wasn’t on the tennis court, I’d find myself with a badminton racket in hand, relishing the swift movements and the unique rhythm of the game. The shuttlecock’s flight, the rapid exchanges at the net, and the strategic placements mirrored the nuances I loved in tennis. Although my time with badminton was limited, the passion was just as intense. It’s a testament to the beauty of sports and how each one, no matter how briefly explored, leaves an indelible mark on the soul. Like tennis, every moment on the badminton court was a dance of agility, strategy, and sheer joy.


When it comes to volleyball, something about it has always captivated me. On those occasional breaks from the school, I’d find myself on the indoor courts, diving for a save or setting up for a spike. The camaraderie of team play, the exhilaration of a well-timed block, and the thrill of a powerful serve echoed the same dedication and love I held for tennis. Even though my volleyball games usually consisted of me and my friends playing against each other, the intensity of each game was no less. With its blend of teamwork and individual prowess, Volleyball offered a different challenge and satisfaction. It’s a reminder that while one sport might dominate our lives, there’s always room to appreciate the beauty and lessons of another. Every serve, set, and spike in volleyball resonated with such fervour it made the sport truly irresistible.

My Mentors

Ian Barclay: Coaching Genius Behind the Champs

Ian Barclay isn’t just a coach; he’s a tennis legend, renowned for guiding Pat Cash to his iconic Wimbledon victory. Learning from Ian has been a total game-changer for me. He’s drilled into me everything from executing killer serves to mastering the mental gymnastics needed to dominate on the court. His unique perspective on the game has deeply influenced my approach, transforming the way I play and think about tennis. You’ll see his genius reflected in the way I discuss strategies and share game-winning tips on my blog. His teachings not only sharpen my game but also enrich the insights I offer to my readers, blending hardcore professional discipline with the raw passion of the sport.

a portrait showing ian Barclay
dean barclay at his home court in melbounre

Dean Barclay: Ace Coach and Mentor

Dean Barclay was once a tennis prodigy, a top junior champion in Victoria and a serious contender on the Australian circuits. He transitioned seamlessly into coaching, leveraging his extensive experience and insights from competitive tennis. He’s worked with some of the biggest names, including German Davis Cup player Eric Jelen during the peak of German tennis, and even coached Pat Cash, one of the sport’s greats. Pat Cash himself has praised Dean for his elite coaching skills and his natural ability to connect with players, enhancing their performance significantly. My time with Dean has been incredibly formative, steeping my own play and content with first-hand knowledge of world-class athletic strategies. His mentorship doesn’t just influence my techniques; it’s woven into the very fabric of the content I create, offering a peek into the world of high-stakes tennis through my eyes.